Ruma National Park White Rhino

Ruma National Park is set in Western Kenya in Lambwe Valley close to the shores of Lake Victoria. It is therefore close to the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary and Ndere Island National Park and is under the custody of Kenya Wildlife Service.

The park landscapes constitute of rolling savanna, riverine woodland, spectacular escarpments, and towering cliffs.

It serves as the only Kenya’s sanctuary for the endangered roan antelope which is on the verge of extinction and the blue swallow which is a scarce intra-African migrant that depends on moist grassland for feeding and roasting.

Ruma National Park
Roan Antelope

The Blue swallow arrives in Kenya in April from their breeding grounds in southern Tanzania and departs in September.

Ruma National Park Attractions

Why is Ruma National Park popular? Here is why.

  • It is the only park dedicated to preserving the endangered roan antelope in Kenya about 40 in number. It is one of Africa’s rarest antelopes
  • Rare birds viewing-this park gives you the opportunity to view scarce birds such as the blue swallows
  • You get to see the Oribi Antelope
  • Has a wide variety of wildlife
  • Very rich in reptiles

Ruma National Park Animals/Wildlife

The park has a wide variety of animals which include; Rothschild’s giraffe, Roan antelope, Oribi antelope, Impala, Bohor reedbuck, Buffalo, Hartebeest, Rhino (black and white), Zebra, Monkey, Hyena, Serval cat,  Topis, Honeybadger, Bushpig, among others.

Ruma National Park Hyena

It has many species of birds-over 400 species on record.

Reptiles are many especially the snakes. The easy ones to spot include; the African spitting Cobra, Forest Cobra, Python, mamba and, Puff adder. Lizards, Skink, and Gecko are also popular.

Things to do in Ruma National Park

You can indulge in a number of activities but the two major ones are;

  • Bird watching
  • Game viewing

Ruma National Park Weather & Climate

Rainfall: Long rains start from April to June and the short rains begin from October to December.

The area has a humid climate.

When to visit the Park

You can visit this park all year round but can choose to avoid the long rains season.

What to Pack on this Visit

  • Insect repellent especially the Mosquito
  • If you are camping please carry camping equipment.
  • Also picnic items, drinking water, camera, and guide book.
  • Wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to avoid the scorching sun.

How to get there

By Road-the main gate to the Park is 42 Km from Homa Bay.

Ruma Park has two gates, the Main Gate (Kamato Gate) and Nyatoto Gate.

Ruma National Park Entry Fees/Entrance Fees

Park charges are as follows;

Citizens (KES): Adult 350, Child 200
Residents (KES): Adult 600 Child 350       
Non-residents (USD): Adult 22 Child 15


You can reach KWS through

Telephone: Landline: +254 (020) 35291129 Mobile No: + 254 717 176 709


Ruma National Park Hotels and Lodges

Hotels and Lodges near this park include;

  • Ruma Hotel
  • Rusinga Island Lodge
  • Hotel Twin Tower
  • ACK Guest House Homa Bay
  • Rusinga Blue Ridge Hotel
  • Hotel Hippo Buck
  • Hotel Tausi
  • Hotel Staridge Ltd
  • Jabali Country Lodge
  • Ruma River Lodge

Happy Safari!

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