SEO Services

Are you wondering why you are not getting organic traffic from search engines despite all that effort and time you have dedicated working on your site? It is quite frustrating, right? We are here to help you with our SEO services.

At Rit Consulting, we have advanced knowledge and skills on SEO to take your site to the next level. We would love to work on your website to make it search engine and user friendly to climb the search engine results page rankings and beat the competition. Our SEO services include:-

  • Improving on-page elements
  • Improving off-page elements

Our On-page SEO services involve title tag optimization, meta tag optimization, headings optimization, URL optimization, image optimization, and alt tags, content writing and optimization, mobile-friendliness, user experience optimization, page speed optimization, and improving on your site internal link structure.

Our Off-page SEO services involve maintaining active social media accounts, creating Google my business profile, implementing a blog on your site, and networking with high-quality sites.

We also offer the following services besides normal SEO services:-

  • >Setting Up & Designing WordPress Sites –Blogs, Business, And Professional Sites
  • >Setting Up & Designing WordPress E-Commerce Sites/Online Stores
  • >WordPress E-Commerce Sites SEO
  • >Writing Blog Content & their Optimization
  • >Crafting E-Commerce Sites Product Descriptions & their Optimization
  • >Implementing Social Media Campaign Strategies

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Our On-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO refers to any optimization that you can control or change and are not dependent on external factors. Our on-page SEO services to ensure a successful strategy for your site include:-

On-Page SEO Services: Title Tags Optimization

A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags are the clickable headlines displayed on search engine result pages (SERPs) for a given result. They are important for SEO, usability, and social sharing.

A compelling title tag improves the click-through rate (CTR) of your pages by being catchy to users. It should be well crafted to include the keyword(s) and have an optimal length not to fall outside the search results.

On-Page SEO Services: Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tags or Meta descriptions are snippets that describe a page’s content. Meta tags are the texts that show under your title tag in search results.

They give users an idea of what your page is all about and hence help them decide whether to click to your website or not.

And for that reason, Meta tags should be implemented following the best practices. They should contain the relevant keywords mostly at the beginning of the text with an optimal length of about 160 characters.

Upon submitting your Meta description, Google might decide not to show it at all to its users. If Google believes there is a better snippet in your content that serves users better, given the search, it will ignore your Meta tag and pull it instead.

On-Page SEO Services: Headings Optimization

Headings fall in the body of your content which you want to rank in the search results. They help both users and the search engines to understand the content of your page hence the need for their optimization.

They’re mostly 5 types of headings –H1, H2, H3, H4, and H5. Distributing keywords of your content in them is essential. Your keyword(s) must appear in H1.

Search engines look at H1 to determine the relevancy of content to the topic plus the category and the context of your content.

After H1, the other headings follow in chronological order and feature different variations of your core keywords.

On-Page SEO Services: URL Optimization

Your URL should be friendly and understandable to both users and search engines. The best practice of implementing a suitable URL is ensuring it has an optimal length (short and sweet) and contains your target keyword(s).

Long URLs tend to overwhelm users and search engines. You should avoid characters that seem useless and hard to comprehend.

On-Page SEO Services: Image Optimization and Alt Tags

Just as text, images are essential in implementing on-page SEO. They add interest to your content and keep your users engaged.

To make your site fast, you should ensure your site images are compressed while maintaining their quality. Slow sites make users leave fast hence high bounce rate which is bad for search engine ranking.

Low-quality images are bad for users as they will question the quality and integrity of your site. They are several tools that are used to optimize images both free and premium.

Again, you need to optimize your images with alt tags. Alt tags are what show up in the place of your image if the image doesn’t load for whatever reason giving users an idea of what ought to be there. They also help search engines understand the context of the image and what it is since they cannot read actual images.

On-Page SEO Services: Content Writing and Optimization

Content writing and optimization is probably the biggest On-page SEO strategy. Any SEO agency that does not offer this should not be part of your list at all.

Content creation and subsequent optimization is the cornerstone of any digital marketing plan. This is what search engines weigh most to decide the value of your page to their users.

Before creating and optimizing content, here are the factors you should consider:-

Target Audience: You should research your target audience to create content that suits them. You should understand your target audience factors such as age, gender, and interests to craft content that addresses and targets them.

Keyword: To optimize your content, you need to determine the keywords that you need to use so that you can create content around them. These keywords must be the one your target audience is searching for –otherwise, you won’t rank at all and all the time and efforts you are dedicating is a blind chance.

Word Count: When ranking content in search engine results, you need to create content with a significant number of words. There is no golden rule or the ideal number of words, but it goes without saying that the more the words count the more your content is likely to rank. Research has proven this by showing longer content gets more social shares and domain links hence higher ranking in SERPs. We recommend a minimum of 2000 words per article –if the article needs a lot of details plus the competition.

Calls-to-Actions (CTAs): It is of great importance to include call-to-actions in your content in order to convert them. Call-to-action could be giving your audience a chance to purchase your services or subscribe to your services.

On-page SEO Services: Mobile Friendliness

Your site should be mobile-friendly. All users should experience your website the way regardless of the device they are on. Google considers this very crucial.

Google seeks to provide the best possible results to its users and if users can’t access your site from phones, tablets, or desktop properly, Google will ignore it.

They are several tools you can test your site mobile-friendliness or responsiveness such as Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Setting your site to be mobile friendly is a very important on-page SEO strategy since most Google searches nowadays happen through mobile devices.

On-page SEO Services: User experience (UX)

User experience is another integral part of On-page SEO. It determines how many users enjoy browsing through your site pages.

Besides offering users a lot of content, how easy they find the content they are looking for is very important. This means you need a superb website design that impresses users to compliment your content. This ensures users stay on your pages hence low bounce rate. In turn, your website will be taken to be serious by search engines hence better ranking.

Poor website design will attract a high bounce rate and the search engine will disregard your site altogether.

On-Page SEO Services: Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is one of the ranking factors in search engines. Your site should be optimized for speed so that it can rank high on SERPs.

Slow loading pages lead to high bounce rates as users have limited patience. Pages need to load fast to make users happy and stay on your site.

You should page speed as a very basic and important on-page SEO as your site grows in user traffic.

On-Page SEO Services: Internal linking structure

Internal Linking structure is an on-page SEO that determines how your site pages are connected to one another. In short, how they are related.

An effective internal linking structure ensures all your pages are linked the best way possible.

Why is this on-page SEO important? It helps search engines find and index new pages on your site. The more search engines crawl and index your site, the more chances you have for ranking keywords you target with your content.

Off-Page SEO Services

Off-page SEO is also crucial and matters in ranking your site in SERPs. They are the things you do outside of your website that can help you rank higher in search and increase brand awareness.

They include:-

Off-Page SEO Services: Maintaining Active Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms attract millions of users every day. It is, therefore, important to maintain social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Social media presence helps to grow your audience, connect with your customers and provides a certain level of customer service.

At Rit Consulting, we offer social media marketing services on different platforms to increase your brand awareness and increase your target audience. We employ different types of social media strategies that will suit your needs.

Off-Page SEO Services: Creating Google My Business Profile (GMB)

Creating Google My Business profile enables your business to show up in map results for queries related to your business.

GMB is also connected to local SEO as it helps to attract customers near your store.

This Off-page SEO strategy helps your business to rank at the top of search results when your GBM listing shows up.

Off-Page SEO Services: Implementing a Blog on your Site

If your site is a business or a professional website, you need to incorporate a blog around your niche to attract potential customers.

A blog helps you create a database of linkable content that can be posted to social media platforms or emails. A blog makes your site get ranked better by search engines around the keywords you are targeting.

Blog content makes users keep coming back to your site and make a purchase thus making blog implementation a great off-page SEO strategy.

Off-Page SEO Services: Networking with High-Quality Sites

Linking your site to other sites with a good reputation and Google trust can improve your site ranking. It is one of the best off-page SEO strategies you can implement on your site.

In short, it is networking with high-quality businesses or sites encouraging them to link to your site’s content or share your site’s graphics. This, in turn, helps your site from an SEO standpoint and also helps to increase your brand awareness.

Work With an SEO Consulting Agency That Has Developed a Reputation over a Long Period

If you are ready to work with aN SEO consulting agency that offers all the SEO strategies mentioned on this page, Rit Consulting is here for you.

We will implement a customized SEO strategy based on your site’s need and budget to transform your business into a profitable one.

We offer the best SEO Services and we have worked with several sites with outstanding success.

Contact us online or gives us a call through +254724 228 239 to learn more about our SEO strategies.