Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is one of the Kenya Great Rift Valley Lakes (Lake Magadi, Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria, Lake Logipi, Lake Elementaita, and Lake Turkana). It is a shallow soda/alkaline lake located in Nakuru County south of Nakuru town. It is a Ramsar site.

This lake is fed by four-season rivers namely; Njoro, Nderit, Makalia, and Lamudhiak-all of which originate from Mau forest, and one perennial Ngosur River. There is no outflow from the lake.

The lake is Part of Lake Nakuru National Park. It is popular due to the abundance of algae that attract millions of flamingos (both lesser and greater flamingos) that line on the shores. They are best viewed from the Baboon Cliff.

In terms of size, Lake Nakuru is 45 km2 in surface area and an average of 1 foot in depth with a maximum depth of 6 ft. An area of 188 km around the lake is fenced off to protect the giraffe, black and white rhino.

Tourist Sites Close to Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru Animals/Wildlife

Popular animals found here include; Giraffe, White, and Black Rhino, Warthog, Baboon, Waterbuck, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Python among others.

It has also a wide variety of birds starting with the flamingos, African Fish Eagle, Goliath Heron, Hamerkop, Kingfisher, and Verreaux’s Eagle among others.

Things to do in Lake Nakuru

  • Game viewing
  • Picnics and hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Nature walks along the lake and the surrounding escarpment and waterfalls

Weather & Climate

Temperatures: Day time temperatures are quite pleasant at an average of 25°C. Nights are a bit cooler and cold in the morning hence recommended wearing warm cloth during early morning game drives.

Dry Seasons: Dry periods are from January-February and June-December. Temperatures are at an average of 25°C.

Wet Season: Wet season begins from March-May with the peak at the months of April and May

When to Visit

You can visit this lake all year round. No extreme weather at any given time. However, April and May interfere with your game drives.

How to get there

By Road-using the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, a distance of 156 km. You can use the Main Gate (4 km from Nakuru town) or the Lanet gate.

If from Masai Mara or Elementaita, you shall use the Nderit gate.

By Air– the Naishi airstrip is the one used for tourism purposes.

Lake Nakuru Hotels & Lodges

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Our Top Picks Nakuru Hotels

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