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Lake Nakuru National Park

Nakuru Hotels/Lake Nakuru Hotels


Nakuru is the fourth largest city in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. It is the capital and administrative center for Nakuru County. It is 160 km from Nairobi and its economy is pegged on tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Nakuru Climate

Nakuru has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. The climate is mild and generally warm and temperate.

The annual average temperature is 17.5°C with March being the hottest (average of 19°C) month and July the coldest (average of 16°C) month of the year.

The annual average rainfall is 895 mm with the lowest rainfall recorded in January and February and highest in April and May. Rainfall is well distributed on the other months.

Best Time to Visit Nakuru

You can visit Nakuru all year round. It close to the equator and weather is never to the extremes.

How to get to Nakuru

Nakuru is 160 km from Nairobi. There is a well-developed network of roads leading to Nakuru from Nairobi and all parts of Kenya.

You can also use air means. There two airstrips that serve Nakuru i.e. the Lanet Airstrip and the Kabarak Airstrip which is 20 km from Nakuru town.

Railway runs through the city.

Things to do in Nakuru

  • Game viewing at Lake Nakuru National Park which is famous for its flamingo population
  • Nature walks at Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo and Menengai Crater
  • Hiking at Menengai Crater
  • Prehistoric site visit at Hyrax Hill which is considered a major Neolithic and Iron Age site
  • Evening entertainment at the various city night clubs

Tourist Attraction Sites in Nakuru/Areas of Interest

Nakuru Hotels/Lake Nakuru Hotels and Lodges

Nakuru Hotels and Lodges are so vibrant and brilliant. They are world-class with local and international dishes.

Whether you need luxury, budget, or a family hotel, you will definitely get it.

Luxurious Nakuru Hotels have modern facilities and amenities such as private balconies, television sets, tea and coffee making facilities, cleaning services, room air-conditioning, fitness centre, spa, room service, and 24-hour front desk.

Family Nakuru Hotels go further to offer family rooms and children/babysitting services.

Cheap or Budget Nakuru Hotels have affordable prices letting budget travellers stay in a comfortable place while paying less.

Here are the best Nakuru hotels that will ensure your Nakuru visit is comfortable and memorable.

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