Kora National Park Antelope

Kora National Park is located in Tana River County east of Mount Kenya.

The park is home to Tana River, the longest river in Kenya, on which the Adamson’s Falls, Grand Falls, and Kora Rapids are found. Kora National Park is also home to Adamsons’ Camp-former home of George and Joy Adamson.

The eastern boundary of the park is marked by the Mwitamvisi River while the northern boundary is marked by the Tana River and the Meru National Park. They are linked by Adamson’s Bridge. Kora is a source of several seasonal rivers.

The park offers pristine wilderness and slopes gently from south-west to north-east and is dotted with tall inselbergs, domed hills, or hard rocks that rise above the surrounding area.

The three major inselbergs are the Mansumbi, Kumbulanwa, and Kora Rock.

The Park vegetation consists of acacia bushland, riverine forests of doum palm, and Tana River poplar.

Kora National Park Attractions

Why is this park popular? Here are the park facts.

  • Pristine Wilderness
  • Inselbergs
  • Tana River
  • Adamson’s Falls
  • Grand Falls
  • Kora Rapids
  • Abundant Birdlife
  • Wide Variety of Animal Species

Kora National Park Animals/Wildlife

Kora National park Cheetah

It has a wide variety of animal species which include; Cheetah, African Bush Elephant, Genet, Hippopotamus, Hyena (spotted and striped), African Leopard, Wildcat, Serval Cat, Lion, Antelope, Caracal, among others.

Many species of birds are also found here.

Things to do in Kora National Park

You can indulge yourself in a number of activities which include:-

  • Bird watching-Abundant Birdlife
  • Fishing-Tana River
  • Game Viewing
  • Nature walks/safaris-it is very scenic
  • Rock climbing

Climate and Weather

The climate is generally hot and dry with little rainfall falling in the area.

When to visit the park

You can visit the park all year round given the favorable climatic conditions.

What to Carry/Wear in this Trip

  • Insect repellent especially the Mosquito
  • If you are camping please carry camping equipment
  • Also picnic items, drinking water, camera, and guide book
  • Wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to avoid the scorching sun

How to get to Kora National Park

By Road-From Nairobi via Thika to Mwingi, then head north-east through Kyuso village. Kora is 280 km from Nairobi.

It has the following 3 gates while following different road routes

Nairobi via Thika, Mwingi to Tseikuru use Kaningo Gate
Nairobi via Thika, Mwingi to Tseikuru use Msyungwa gate
Nairobi via Embu, Meru National Park use Adamson’s Gate
Nairobi via Nanyuki, Meru National Park, use Adamson’s Gate

By Air-Use the Kyethon and Kampi ya Simba airstrips

Kora National Park Entrance Fees/Charges

Entry Fees are as follows;

Citizens (KES): Adult 300, Child 215
Residents (KES): Adult 1,030 Child 515
Non-residents (USD): Adult 52 Child 35

Park Contacts

You can reach Kenya Wildlife Service Warden through;

Telephone: +254 020 2321696 Mobile No: +254 720 765 445

Kora National Park Hotels and Lodges

Hotels and Lodges near Kora National Park include;

  • Delta Dunes Lodge
  • Murera Bandas
  • Kina Bandas
  • Meru Luxury House

Happy Safari!

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