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What if I told you there is a way you can save a lot of money while buying Jumia phones. Wouldn’t that be so cool given you can save a lot of money? Yes, there is a way to do just that.  I am telling you now, so rejoice!

When one wants to buy a Jumia phone you just type maybe “Jumia” or a “Jumia Phone” on Google Search and then click on their website (Jumia). If you are not decided on the type of Jumia Phone you want, you start searching through their fast catalog and when you find a phone that satisfies you, you add it to the cart. Alternatively, you click to their website and if you have a specific phone in your mind you search for it and upon finding it, you click buy. Nothing is wrong with that but it is a way to buy without saving a dime.

Money is hard-earned and, therefore, you should value it by choosing a product that returns a significant value for your money.

Today, I will show you how to buy a Jumia phone and save huge.

I once overheard my friend George talking to another friend about his intention to buy a phone through Jumia. He had a specific phone in his mind –Xiaomi Redmi 9 –and he was in the last stage of acquiring it. I wanted to know how much he was paying for it to see if I could save him some money.

I am Jumia consultant but he didn’t know –but you, you know now. I took his phone and searched for Xiaomi Redmi 9. Through a way I will show in a second, I was able to save him cool 5K. Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. That is a lot. Imagine what you can do with 5K –take your family or yourself out on a weekend, buy yourself an extra pair of shoes, buy that dress you have always dreamt about…you can do a lot with 5K. But without a piece of advice like mine, that is not going to happen.

As a consultant, I help people buy goods on Jumia or book hotels. Booking hotels or buying goods on Jumia through a consultant helps save money through discounts or through a “wise search”. I call it a “wise search” since it requires some intelligence or some researched information–some knowing.

Without further ado, this is how you save money when buying Jumia phones.

Buying Jumia Phone to Save Money Method 1- “Wise Search”

Let’s assume you want to buy a particular phone on Jumia –you have the name of the specific Jumia phone with you and in this case Huawei Y8p for demonstration.

  1. Click this link here to Jumia (after reading the instructions) and type on the search bar Huawei Y8p.
  2. Then click search. It will bring you a list of all stock available for Huawei Y8p device and its accessories as placed by the different sellers including Jumia Official Store.
  3. Eliminate all unwanted results such as accessories or devices shipped from abroad through filtering. To do this, select “Huawei” as the only brand to show in the search result and also select “shipped from Kenya” to eliminate devices shipped from abroad on the left-hand side of the listing. This will leave you with a clean stock list of Huawei Y8p device with no accessories or units shipped from abroad.
  4. At the top right of the listing, there is a drop-down labeled as “sort by”. Select “Price: Low to High”. This will arrange the available Huawei Y8p stock by price from the lowest to the highest. Your intention is to own this device at the lowest price possible. And there it is. However before you buy it, ensure the specifications of the devices following the device of your choice are similar to those of the one you are buying.
  5. Having been satisfied that that is the device you want, click and buy it immediately without delay. Why? You might find it gone the next minute. Consultants are helping their loyal clients get only the best products at their best prices and they will ensure the lowest-priced gadgets go to their clients and making them run out of stock.

See, you have it at the lowest price through a “wise search”. To know how much you have saved, go to the end of that list and see the price of the last gadget (ensuring they have the same specs). In my search, the lowest price of Huawei Y8p (128GB+6GB) is KES 23,190 and the highest is KES 26,000. Even a 4GB version is expensive than that –KES 25,000 oops. I have saved you almost 3K and more in the future. You need to call me now and treat me with a good lunch. Ha!

To keep me fed, bookmark this page and be buying through our links or email/WhatsApp me to ‘wise search” it for you so that I can get some commission. It is simple, You just tell me the device or any other product you want on Jumia. On my end, I will search for the cheapest offering and then send you a link to finish the process by yourself. If you need more guidance, I am here to offer more help until you own it at the cheapest price possible.

Whatsapp: 0724 228 239

Email: davidndiritu00(at)gmail.com

Buying Phones on Jumia to Save Money Method 2

If you are not sure of the Jumia phone you want to buy, this is how you do it.

  1. Go through Jumia phones listing here and decide on one. To buy the latest phones on Jumia, check below this page and you will find a list of the latest Jumia phones.
  2. After deciding on one, type it on the search bar and repeat the process as described to you in method 1. And there you have the phone of your choice at the lowest price.

The latest Jumia Phones Prices

Here are the latest Jumia phones and their lowest matched prices. If you find the phone you are looking for in this list, luck you -you won’t bother following the methods above. I have already followed them while compiling this list.

Huawei Jumia PhonesYearPriceAction
Huawei Y9s2019KES 25,399Buy Now
Huawei Y9 Prime2019KES 19,599Buy Now
Huawei Y8p2020KES 23,190Buy Now
Huawei Y7p2020KES 17,000Buy Now
Huawei Y6s2020KES 12,555Buy Now
Huawei Y6p2020KES 14,459Buy Now
Huawei Y5p2020KES 9,449Buy Now
Huawei P40 Lite2020KES 29,995Buy Now
Huawei Nova 5T2019KES 31,499Buy Now
Huawei Nova 7i2020KES 28,590Buy Now
Infinix Jumia PhonesYearPriceAction
Infinix Hot Play 92020KES 12,095Buy Now
Infinix Note 72020KES 17,999Buy Now
Infinix Note 7 Lite2020KES 15,299Buy Now
Infinix Hot 92020KES 13,999Buy Now
Infinix S5 Pro2020KES 19,650Buy Now
Infinix S5 Lite2019KES 13,699Buy Now
Infinix S52019KEs 20,450Buy Now
Infinix Smart 42019KES 9,299Buy Now
Infinix Hot 82019KES 10,999Buy Now
Infinix Hot 8 Lite2019KES 10,199Buy Now
Xiaomi Redmi Jumia PhonesYearPriceAction
Redmi 9A2020KES 9,999Buy Now
Redmi 92020KES 12,999Buy Now
Redmi Note 9 Pro2020KES 24,999Buy Now
Redmi Note 92020KES 17,999Buy Now
Redmi Note 9S2020KES 21,899Buy Now
Redmi 8A2019KES 13,895Buy Now
Redmi Note 8 Pro2019KES 19,999Buy Now
Redmi Note 82019KES 18,399Buy Now
Samsung Jumia phonesYearPriceAction
Samsung Galaxy A21s2020KES 19,500Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy M112020KES 15,370Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy A312020KES 24,590Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy A112020KES 13,940Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S202020KES 75,999Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra2020KES 115,999Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S20+2020KES 79,999Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite2020KES 45,579Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy Note 102020KES 77,399Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite2020KES 45,999Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy A012019KEs 10,350Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy A712020KES 41,299Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy A512019KES 29,795Buy Now
Oppo Jumia phonesYearPriceAction
Oppo A922020KES 28,450Buy Now
Oppo A522020KES 24,690Buy Now
Oppo A122020KES 13,999Buy Now
Oppo Reno32020KES 37,499Buy Now
Oppo A312020KES 17,269Buy Now
Apple Jumia PhonesYearPriceAction
Apple iPhone SE2020UndefinedBuy Now
iPhone 11 Pro Max2019KES 150,000Buy Now
iPhone 112019UndefinedBuy Now
Tecno Jumia phonesYearPriceAction
Tecno Spark 5 Air2020KES  11,899Buy Now
Tecno Spark 52020KES 13,498Buy Now
Camon 15 Premier2020KES 25,480Buy Now
Tecno Camon 15 Air2020KEs 14, 599Buy Now
Camon 15 Pro2020KES 27,995Buy Now
Camon 152020KES 16,390Buy Now
Camon 12 Air2019KES 13,169Buy Now
Tecno Pop 3 Plus2019KES 7,350Buy Now
Camon 12 Pro2019KES 16,489Buy Now
Camon 122019KES 15,190Buy Now
Tecno Pouvoir 42020KES 13,999Buy Now
Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro 2020KES 20,490Buy Now
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air2019KES 8,699Buy Now

Why Buy on Jumia

There are several reasons why people buy phones from Jumia. Here are several reasons you should buy from them too.

  1. Trust –Jumia is a verified and trusted online retailer operating in several African countries. It is the number one online retailer in African, especially on phones.
  2. Verified sellers – Jumia verifies their sellers so that the goods placed on their online shop platform meet the standards.
  3. High-quality phones –Jumia sells only quality phones from the most trusted online brands such as Huawei, Oppo, Infinix, Nokia, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Apple, and more.
  4. High variety of phones than any other retailer in Africa on a single online platform from different verified sellers and trusted brands.
  5. Quick phone delivery at your doorstep or pick-up at their collection stations all over the country.
  6. Easy return policy in case the phone develops manufacturer faults. All Jumia phones are covered by a warranty as stipulated by the manufacturer. Jumia terms and conditions apply.
  7. Jumia phone prices are the lowest in the market especially when you are guided by a consultant.

Types of Phones on Jumia

Jumia phones come in 2 types –Jumia Smartphones or Jumia feature phones.

Jumia smartphones come from trusted brands such as Samsung, Apple, Infinix, Tecno, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, LG, and more.

Feature phones are basically used for calling and mostly don’t have modern phone capabilities.

Now, now you know!