If there is a well-developed industry in Kenya, it is the hotel industry. Kenya Hotels are highly rated by reputable travel websites and players such as the Trip Advisor. Kenya has topped in sub-Saharan Africa for many years in the count of global chain hotel brands presence. Several hotels have hosted global leaders and international conferences, helping to position them as high-end and world class.

Kenya has the second highest number of branded hotels in Africa after South Africa, topping its main sub-Saharan rivals Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

Nairobi is a top world destination and one of the most trending destinations globally. Most of these hotels are in Nairobi, but they are well distributed all over the country. Whichever town or tourism attraction site you visit in Kenya, you will definitely find several world-class hotels there.

Kenya is well positioned to reassert its command of Africa’s hospitality and tourism market. These hotels have contributed significantly to the growth of tourism.

Hotels in Kenya by Regions

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