Hells Gate National Park

Hells Gate National park is found in the Great Rift Valley in Naivasha. It is about 35 km from Naivasha town, a 45 min drive via Moi South Lake Road or Olkaria Route.  It is at a distance of about 120 km from Nairobi CBD, a 3 hours’ drive via Old Naivasha Road.

It bears the name ‘Hells Gate” due to the vigorous geothermal activities within its boundaries. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is the chief custodian of this national park.

This park is popular due to its natural formations such as towering cliffs, geothermal steam plumes, gorges, stark rock towers, and volcanoes.

Hells Gate National Park Animals/ Wildlife

Hells Gate Zebra

Major wildlife here includes the Zebra, African Buffalo, Hartebeest, Baboon, Eland, Thomson’s gazelle, Antelope, and Mountain Reedbuck.


There is also a wide variety of birds and include the vulture, eagle, augur buzzard, swifts among others.

Naivasha weather and Climate

Temperature is about 25C on average, with an average rainfall of about 450mm. In a year, there are two rain seasons. The long rains begin from March up to April and the short rains begin from November up to December.

Hells Gate National Park Trip

You can visit Hells Gate a single safari all include it in a safari that comprises other Naivasha and Nakuru attraction sites

Travel Tips

Hells Gate is quite hot with the scorching sun. When I was here last, my skin turned black and rough and in two days started wearing off.

It is therefore advisable to wear sunglasses, sunscreen, light clothes, a big hut that covers even your shoulders, and strong but light boots since it is very rocky hear.

It also important to carry drinking water, a camera (it is scenic here), binoculars, picnic items and camping equipment (in case you will camp here)

Hells Gate National Park Attractions

Why is the park popular? It offers great

Things to do in Hells Gate National Park

  • Biking and this starts as you enter the road leading to Hells Gate. You will find a station where an individual (with the permission of KWS to benefit the local communities) rent bikes. Bikes are of different types but don’t fall on those with two riders-there are not meant for touring in rocky areas. Trust me, we tried and didn’t work out. What a waste of money. If you get tired of the bike, you drop it anywhere there is a custodian in the park and will get back to the owner. Don’t get bothered by that, it is the order there.
  • Bird watching
  • Campingthree major campsites are found here and include Endachata campsite, Naiburta Campsite, and Oldubai Campsite.
  • Game viewing
  • Hiking-this is brilliant especially when in a group
  • Rock climbing

Hells Gate National Park Accommodation

Hotels and Lodges near Hells Gate include;

Hells Gate National Park Entrance Fees

See the below park charges

  • Citizen: Adult KES 300, Child KES 215
  • Residents: Adult KES 600, Child KES 30
  • Non-resident: Adult $26, Child $17

Park Contacts

Landline: 0202384417, Mobile: 0720968527, Email: tsavowestnp@kws.go.ke

KWS Reservations: Tel: +254-20-2379407
E-mail: reservations@kws.go.ke
Postal Address: The Senior Warden, Tsavo West National Park, P.O. Box 71-90128, Mtito Andei, Kenya.

How to get there

  • Road– You can access Hell Gate via Nairobi-Naivasha Road on the Moi South Lake Road 5 km before you get to Naivasha town
  • Air-through Naivasha Airstrip

Have a happy a wildlife visit!

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