Best 32-Inch Smart TVs and their Best Prices in Kenya

best 32-inch smart TVs

If you are looking to buy a 32-inch smart TV you are in the right place. We have made a collection of the best 32-inch smart TVs available in Kenya and their best prices.

Why buy a 32-inch smart TV? Here is why. Time has changed. A few years ago we had digital TVs but they have been superseded by smart TVs. A smart TV is simply a hybrid between a computer and traditional TV. It has access to the internet through in-built Wi-Fi and comes with an operating system dependent on the manufacturer.

A smart TV, again, comes with pre-installed apps such as a web browser, streaming apps, game apps, and social media apps.

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Today models are now including voice recognition, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, for switching channels and searching for programs. They are becoming more compatible with other connected devices.

The in-built Samsung’s SmartThings makes Samsung our favorite Smart TV brand, but similar offering are available with LG, Sony, Hisense, and TCL smart TVs.

Without further ado, here are the best 32-inch smart TVs available in Kenya at their best prices so that you can enjoy modern TV technology. They are more or less pocket-friendly and none will break the bank.

Best Samsung 32-inch Smart TVs

We start with the best 32-inch Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung Smart TVs are powered by the Tizen operating system and lead the pack with their advancement in technology and innovation.

They are the best in the market and for that; you might pay a little bit higher to own one than other brands.

32-Inch Samsung N5300 Series Flat Smart Full HD TV

best 32-inch smart TVs 32-Inch N5300 Series
32-Inch N5300 Series

Samsung 32N5300 is a top choice with a slim design and reduced bezel making it blend with your room for immersive viewing.

It is a 32-inch HD smart TV in Samsung’s Series 5 and comes with HDR, PurColor, and Ultra Clean View.

With this set, you can watch HDR content with better clarity and detailed color expression. It gives you more accurate details in bright and dark scenes.

The Ultra Clean View gives you higher quality images with less distortion hence clearer pictures.

The PurColor enhances more natural colors that deliver details as crisp as the real thing hence a more colorful viewing.

It comes with several pre-installed apps including the SmartThings App. The 32-inch N5300 series will allow you to access a variety of entertainment content from various content providers in one screen which includes YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and more.

The SmartThings app allows you to connect with a whole range of Samsung smart devices, like Samsung home appliances and TVs, and lets everything work together. It lets you view and configure your added devices at a glance.

This Samsung 32-inch smart TV is pocket-friendly and will cost you only KES 20,500 –the lowest price we found in the market. The highest was KES 28,000.

Buy it on Jumia at KES 20,500

32-Inch Samsung T5300 Series Smart FHD LED TV

32-Inch T5300 Series
32-Inch T5300 Series

This 32-inch Samsung T5300 series is a top choice smart TV in 2020. It has a slim design with a reduced bezel.

This set comes with a full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) and features HDR, Micro Dimming Pro, Ultra Clean View, PurColor, and Film Mode.

This means your favorite TV programs and movies will get real as you will enjoy an immense spectrum of colors, life-like images, visual details, and clearer pictures.

T5300 series comes loaded with streaming, social, and game apps hence a variety of entertainment from various content providers such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV.

It is powered by Samsung’s operating system –Tizen –and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its price is pocket-friendly as well as you will part with only KES 21,299.

Buy 32T5300 at KES 21,299 on Jumia

Best Hisense 32-inch Smart TVs

Hisense produces more pocket-friendly sets than Samsung, LG, and Sony but misses the fine touches experienced in those premium brands.

Hisense smart TVs run on VIDAA U operating system. VIDAA U apps include Netflix, Prime Video, Rakuten TV, Freeview Play, YouTube, ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer and more.

Hisense One-Touch Access allows you to access your favorite apps in just one touch of a button.

32-inch Hisense B6000 Series Smart HD LED TV

32-inch B6000 Series Smart HD LED TV
32-inch B6000 Series

Hisense B6000 Series 32-inch Smart TV comes with a beautiful slim design with a price that certainly won’t break the bank.

It comes loaded with features such as natural color enhancer for life-like colors, MasterPro for high processing performance, motion picture enhancer to reduce motion trail of fast-moving images, and crystal clear sound

B6000 series is powered by the VIDAA U operating system packed with a variety of entertainment apps. Whether you are a sports fan, movie fan, music fan, there is a perfect app that fits you like Netflix and YouTube.

B6000 Series is available in 49″, 43″, 40″, and 32″.

32B6000 lowest price we found in the market is KES 18,699 with some retailers charging as much as KES 28,000.

Buy 32-inch B6000 series on Jumia at KES 18,699

32-Inch Hisense A6000F Series Frameless Smart HD TV

32-Inch A6000F Series
32-Inch A6000F Series

The 32-inch A6000F series is yet another great choice of a 32-inch smart TV to buy in Kenya. It has a beautiful slim design with thin bezels for immersive viewing and to blend with your room.

It is an Android TV that offers a variety of entertainment contents from various sources such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

32A6000F features include precision color mapping technology for real-like images, virtual surround sound, one-touch access, and in-built Wi-Fi.

The lowest price we found in the market was KES 18,399 with some retailers selling it as high as KES 25,000. Oops!

Buy 32A6000F on Jumia at KES 18,399

32-Inch Hisense N2179 HD Smart TV

32-Inch N2179 HD Smart TV
32-Inch N2179

The design of 32N2179 is beautiful and slim.

Hisense 32-inch N2176 HD smart TV comes with VIDAA operating system and Netrange App Store. It offers several streaming apps, like YouTube and Netflix, for your entertainment.

It is packed with features like vivid color for true-to-life colors, high contrast to enhance the depth of field, motion picture enhancer to reduce motion trail of fast-moving images, virtual surround system, Anyview Cast, and Digital Media Player.

The lowest price we found in the market for 32N2179 is KES 19,998 with some retailers selling it as high as KES 24,800.

Buy 32N2179 at KES 19,998 on Jumia

32-Inch Hisense E5606EX Smart Android TV HD TV

32-Inch Hisense E5606EX
32-Inch Hisense E5606EX

Hisense 32-inch E5606 series is a Full HD LED Android TV packed with features.

This 32-inch smart TV comes with Google Play Store, in-built Bluetooth, streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix, virtual surround sound, and in-built Wi-Fi.

The best price we found in the market for this set is KES 20,800 with some retailers selling it as high as KES 28,500.

Buy 32E5606EX for KES 20,800 on Jumia

32-Inch Hisense B6600PA HD Android Smart TV

32B6600PA HD Android Smart TV
32B6600PA HD Android Smart TV

Hisense 32B6600PA is a 32-inch smart TV and runs on Android 9.0 pie hence comes with Google Play Store and Google Assistant.

It is packed with a variety of streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Now, Pandora, and more.

Features that come with this set include the natural color enhancer to improve the realism of perception, high contrast to display the perspective of the image more clearly, motion picture enhancer to reduce the trail of moving objects, and a clean sound.

The best price we found for 32B6600PA is KES 21,990.

Buy 32B6600PA at KES 21,990 on Jumia

32-Inch Hisense N2170 HD Smart TV

32-Inch N2170
32-Inch N2170

The 32-inch N2170 is similar to N2179 above with minor differences. We found them very similar.

The 32N2170HW best price we found in the market is KES 27,490.

Buy 32N2170HW at KES 27,490 on Jumia

Best LG 32-inch Smart TVs

LG like Samsung is a premium brand and a market leader in producing smart TVs with fine premium touches.

LG smart TVs run on webOS. It is user friendly and allows you to have quick and easy access to the best catch-up TV, movies, sports, and music on your Smart TV.

Some of the channels you are able to watch through your LG Smart TV include Netflix, Amazon Instant, NOWTV, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, BBC Sport, Eurosport, and more.

32-Inch LG LM6300 Smart HDR Full HD LED TV

32-Inch LG LM6300
32-Inch LG LM6300

32-inch LM6300 series is a full HD smart TV with a quad-core processor, dynamic color enhancer, and active HDR.

The dynamic color enhancer enhances richer and more natural images while the active HDR optimizes every scene delivering delicate detail and rich color.

The quad-core processor eliminates noise and creates a more dynamic color and contrast. Low-resolution images are up-scaled and reproduced as sharper and more vivid images in this device.

With 32LM6300, you will enjoy rich, flawless, and multi-dimensional audio from the in-built speakers.

The 32LM6300 best price in the market is 22,999 with some sellers marking it as high as KES 30,000.

Buy it on Jumia at KES 22,999.

32-Inch LG LM630B Series LED Smart TV

32-Inch LM6300 Smart

The 32LM630BPVB is an HD smart TV with a screen resolution of 1366×768.

It comes with a dynamic color enhancer, quad-core processor, active HDR, virtual surround sound, and resolution upscaler.

The quad-core processor in 32LM630BPVB is fast and accurate reducing noise and creating more dynamic color and contrast. The resolution upscaler reproduces low-resolution images to sharper and more vivid images.

The design of this set is beautiful and slim. Thin Bezel and stylish finish will blend with your room to create a better viewing experience.

The lowest price for LG 32LM630BPVB we found in the market is KES 22,459.

Buy LG 32LM630BPVB on Jumia at KES 22,459

32-inch LG LM550B Series HD LED TV

32-inch LM550B Series
32-inch LM550B Series

The 32-inch LM550B series is an HD TV with a screen resolution of 1366 X 768.

It comes loaded with features such as dynamic color enhancer for richer and more natural images, Dolby Audio for movie-like sound experience, LG ThinQ AI for voice recognition, and image resolution upscaler.

You can own this set by just paying KES 19,400.

Buy 32LM550B on Jumia at KES 19,400

Best Haier 32-Inch Smart TVs

Haier is another great brand that offers budget-smart sets packed with features but might lack premium fine touches as compared to Samsung or LG.

Their smart TVs are powered by the Android operating system.

32-Inch Haier KA6500A HD smart TV

32-Inch Haier KA6500A
32-Inch Haier KA6500A

LE32KA6500A is an HD smart TV with a screen resolution of 1366×768.

It has a slim design and comes with Android 7.0 and features like noise reduction, Dolby sound, and in-built Wi-Fi.

The best price for LE32KA6500A is KES 15,995 which is quite pocket-friendly and the lowest in this list so far.

Buy LE32KA6500A at KES 15,995 on Jumia

Best Skyworth 32-Inch Smart TVs

Skyworth Smart TVs are also pocket-friendly.

Most Skyworth Smart TVs run on the Android operating system.

32-Inch Skyworth TB7000 Series Android Smart HD TV

32-Inch Skyworth TB7000 Series
32-Inch Skyworth TB7000 Series

32TB7000 is an HD smart TV with a screen resolution of 1366×768.

It has a slim beautiful design with a very thin bezel.

Being an Android 9.0 Pie smart TV it comes with Google Play Store, Google Assistant, Google Play, and Chromecast.

Other important features with 32TB7000 worth mentioning include Dolby audio, a quad-core processor, Bluetooth, in-built Wi-Fi, and voice search.

You can own 32TB7000 by just paying KES 18,500 with some seller pricing it as high as KES 41,000.

Buy 32TB7000 at KES 18,500 on Jumia

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