Kenya Holidays/Kenya Safari Holidays Destinations

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Kenya has almost 13 or more National Public Holidays and they form part of Kenya Safari Holidays.

It is during this time plus the weekends that you are most likely to enjoy a Safari Holiday. Most people are ready to enjoy some time out and you become part of a bigger crowd that has the same interest.

Here is a list of Kenya Holidays/Kenya Safari Holidays.

1. New Year’s Day

This happens every 1st January and is celebrated all over the world.

2. Good Friday

This is international Catholic Holiday and

3. Easter Monday

Easter Monday follows Easter Sunday. This is quite a long weekend to enjoy some Kenya Safari Holiday.

4. Labour Day

Labour Day is an international Holiday and takes place 1st of May every year.

5. Madaraka Day

Takes place every year on 1st of June. Madaraka Day marks the day Republic of Kenya attained Self-rule in the year 1963.

6. Eid Al Fitr

It celebrated by people of Muslim faith and marks the end of Ramadan.

7. Idd-ul-Azha

This is the feast of the sacrifice in the Muslim Calendar.

8. Moi Day

Occurs every 10th October every year

9. Mashujaa Day

Mashujaa Day is celebrated every year on 20th October in honour of Kenya’s heroes.

10. Diwali

This is marked in the Hindu calendar and celebrates the return of Lord Rama. Please note this is less known in Kenya.

11. Jamhuri Day.

Jamhuri Day commemorates the day Kenya achieved independence as a republic in 1964. Takes place every 12th of December.

12. Christmas Day

This is celebrated internationally by Christians and marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Takes place every 25th of December.

13. Boxing Day

Boxing Day follows after Christmas and there occurs on 26th of December every year.

NB: Holidays that fall on Sunday are celebrated on Monday-tradition.


Here the best places you can enjoy plus your family during holidays and any other time of your choice.

1. Masai Mara National Reserve (Masai Mara)

2. Lake Nakuru National Park

3. Lake Naivasha National Park

4. Aberdare National Park

5. Mount Kenya National Park

6. Tsavo East National Park

7. Tsavo West National Park

8. Amboseli National Park

9. Meru National Park

10. Nairobi National Park

11. Hell’s Gate National Park

12. Malindi National Park

13. Watamu Marine National Park

14. Diani Beach

15. Mombasa Beaches

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