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Malindi Marine National Park

Malindi Marine National Park & Reserve

The Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve is located in Malindi, Coast of Kenya.

This marine park is under the protection of Kenya Wildlife Service and is the oldest marine park in Africa.

The Park has great marine life. The Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve, mangroves, mudflats, marine mammals, turtles and a de variety of birds.

The Arabuko Sokoke forest found in this area and contains many unique and rare species of butterflies, birds, plants, amphibians among others.

Malindi Town

Malindi town is very close to Watamu town/village about 15 km. It is about 120 km from Mombasa.

This town lies in the Malindi bay at the mouth of Galana River.

It is the largest Town in Kilifi County and second largest Town in the coast of Kenya.

Tourism is the major economic activity that drives the economy of this town. Italians are the major tourists here.

Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve Attractions

Why is Malindi Marine National Park & Reserve Popular? Here is why;

  • Oldest marine park in Africa
  • Tropical Beaches
  • A beautiful Island
  • Coral gardens
  • Marine mammals
  • A wide variety of including the zebra fish
  • Dolphins
  • Sea turtles
  • Sea grass beds
  • Mud flats/tidal flats

Malindi Marine National Park Animals

The marine park has a wide variety of marine mammals, turtles, fishes (Zebra fish), crabs, and dolphins among others.

It has also a wide species of shore birds.

Malindi Marine National Park Climate

Malindi temperatures are about 25°C on average. Rainfall is about 450 mm annually on average.

There 2 main rain seasons: Long rains from March to April and short rains from November to December.

When to Visit

This gives you a ticket to visit this brilliant marine park all year round.

Things to do in Malindi Marine National Park

With marine life or seaside comes the most popular and interesting activities which include;

  • Diving
  • Glass bottom boats rides
  • Snorkeling
  • Wind surfing
  • Water skiing
  • Sun bathing
  • Beach walks
  • Camping and
  • Bird watching

How to get to here

By Road– Malindi town is about 110 km North of Mombasa.

By Air-Malindi Airport is the only airport around for tourist

Malindi Marine National Park Entrance Fees/Entry Fees

The Malindi Marine National Park charges are friendly. Check this out.

Citizens (KES): Adult 130, Child 125
Residents (KES): Adult 300, Child 170
Non-residents (USD): Adult 17, Child 13

You can use M-Pesa, VISA Card, or direct bank deposit to Kenya Wildlife Services to pay.

Malindi Marine National Park contacts

You can contact KWS through

Landline: 020 2335684
Email: malindimarine@jambo.co.ke / malindimarine@kws.go.ke

Malindi Marine National Park Hotels and Lodges/Accommodation

Hotels near the Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve include;

  • Jua Baharini-Malindi
  • Sandies Tropical Village-Casuarina, Malindi
  • Double Heart Malindi Resort-Makaburini, Malindi
  • Scorpio Villas-Casuarina Malindi
  • African House Resort-Casuarina, Malindi
  • Diamonds Dream of Africa -Casuarina Rd, Malindi
  • Kenya House Boutique Hotel-Malindi
  • St Gotthard Motel Bar & Restaurant-Kwachocha Malindi

Happy marine safari!

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